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“Wellness Works”Paul Youngquist, Nutritionist, Massage Therapist, Energy Practitioner

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Paul Youngquist

I was blessed with a family of healers. My mother was a curious seeker and RN. My father’s large victory garden invited me to work with the soil. I experimented with creating remedies from plants I grew. Later, I would progress to energy healing, meditation, massage, and Yoga. Countless opportunities to deepen my learning appeared one after the other as I opened myself to lifelong education.

The milestones of my journey include: – Licensed as a massage therapist since 2001. – Graduate of Andrea Nakayama’s Functional Nutrition Lab – Full Body Systems 2020. – Knowledge of the following: essential oil science, infrared, yoga, and meditation – Diet and lifestyle counselor – holistic metabolic testing – organic gardening and nutrition – biohacking, color, vibration.

I am incredibly grateful that my journey has included so many skilled helpers and healers. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing the changes my clients create for themselves with my help. I shine the light on the path but the steps are up to you.

Wellness Works

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Wellness Works

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