Emotional Freedom Technique, Tapping or EFT

The Emotion Freedom Technique or EFT is an energy healing technique that can help identify and release trapped emotions, or negative emotional energies from distressing past events. When emotions become trapped in the body, they can cause feelings of sadness or anxiety, block people from experiencing love and happiness, or make them feel disconnected from others. And because trapped emotions are made of energy, just like the rest of the body, they may exert an influence on physical tissues, potentially leading to acute discomfort and even illness. When trapped emotions are released, emotional difficulties often disappear or become much more manageable, thus helping to make conditions right for the body to recover.

Have you ever experienced pain or anxiety that takes you by surprise and leaves you with an unsettled feeling in your heart or stomach? Often we go through challenging periods in our lives which leave us temporarily reeling or uncertain as to how to release the pain, sorrow or sadnesses we experience.

One very effective technique for helping our nervous system relax into accepting and healing from these times is a simple yet powerful technique called Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a wonderful tool to have in your toolbag of relaxation techniques and is a fast way to relax and restore our bodies back to balance.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as tapping, or psychological acupressure, is used to help alleviate a wide variety of issues ranging from anxiety and fear to stress, pain, PTSD, depression, relationships, and food-related issues. It can also be used to relax one’s nervous system prior to an event that is expected to cause stress or anxiety.

It’s Simple

The Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple process that involves tapping with our fingers specific acupoints on the body or energy meridians. The points EFT uses are found on the head, face, and upper body and are stimulated in a particular sequence. Tapping on these meridian points with the fingertips releases muscle tension, helps restore proper nerve function, balances our electrical system, or bioelectricity, to aid in resolving physical and emotional issues. Allowing the energy to flow freely allows an individual to release and transform the problem, gaining more clarity and wisdom. EFT relaxes our nervous systems creating a hormonal cascade that triggers our relaxation response.

Energy, or bio-electricity, flows through the meridian, or pathways of electricity, in our body and restores any imbalances or blocks in this flow that may lead to ill health. Meridians are the energy network of the body; the lines are like rivers running through our bodies, they are the channels by which our energy flows, thus transporting bio- energy throughout our body.

It is recommended that with intense issues – clinical depression, PTSD, and deep-rooted trauma to seek a professional who is familiar with EFT, as the tapping will potentially bring up deeper and more profound emotion. For those with deep issues, these emotions can be better served in a loving supportive environment. We have all experienced times where we need support. Receiving the gift of an EFT session or series of sessions is a wonderful discovery of self-healing!

How To

EFT Tapping

Below are seven steps frequently used in EFT tapping sessions. Although methods do vary the steps listed below will help get you started on your EFT journey!

1. Identify the issue or issues you would like healing for:

During this step, think about the problem you wish to resolve. Choose only one issue to focus on at a time.

2. Test the initial intensity of your feelings regarding the issue:

Rank the intensity of the issue on a scale of 0–10, with 10 being the worst the issue has ever been. This ranking system allows you to assess the effectiveness of the tapping at the end of the treatment.

3. The Setup:

Before beginning a round of tapping there will be a phrase you decide on which is a simple set-up phrase to repeat while tapping the ‘karate chop’ acupoint. The setup phrase is repeated three times. This point is located at the center of the fleshy part of the outer hand.
The set-up phrase is like a mantra that acknowledges the issue and conveys self-acceptance in spite of it. For example, a person might choose to say:

“Even though I have [issue], I deeply and completely accept myself.”
“Even though I feel unappreciated by my partner, I completely love and totally accept myself”
“Even though I made a mistake at work and feel incompetent, I completely love and totally accept myself”

4. The Sequence:

Typically incorporates the use of basalt river rocks heated in a professional stone heater. Stones are placed on specific points of the body with anatomy in mind and/or along energetic points. Stones may be held in the therapist’s hands while massaging. Swedish massage techniques are used in conjunction with hot stone placement.

5. The tapping points, in sequence, are as follows:

beginning of the eyebrow (EB) — the beginning of the brow, just above and to the side of the nose
side of the eye (SE) — on the bone at the outside corner of the eye
under the eye (UE) — on the bone under the eye, approximately 1 inch (in) below the pupil
under the nose (UN) — the point between the nose and upper lip
chin point (CH) — halfway between the underside of the lower lip and the bottom of the chin
beginning of the collarbone (CB) — the point where the breastbone (sternum), collarbone, and first rib intersect
under the arm (UA) — at the side of the body, approximately 4 in below the armpit
top of the head (TOH) — directly in the center of the top of the head

When tapping, use two or more fingertips, tapping as you would on a drum. There should be a slight resonance in the bone structure. Repeat the tap approximately five times on each point.

6. Test the Intensity Again:

Again, rank the intensity of the issue on a scale of 0–10. Ideally, this will have improved. Repeat the process until the intensity reaches 0 or stabilizes.

7. Engage in one more round but adding in a positive outcome:

Beginning with the Set-Up phrase progress to stating the expected outcome. For example: “Even though I am afraid of taking the exam” “I will pass this test, I deeply and completely accept myself” Using positive affirmations throughout this second sequence will help your subconscious mind absorb the feeling behind the words and create a positive outcome!

While self-treatment with tapping may help many people feel better, it is also important to seek professional help for unresolved physical pain or painful emotional issues. People considering using EFT are encouraged to speak to their doctor first.

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Important Links

https://evidencebasedeft.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Meta-analysis-EFT-Anxiety.pdf A 2016 Review of 14 studies on EFT reports that people who used tapping experienced a significant decrease in anxiety.

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6381429 The researchers reported that participants experienced significant reductions in anxiety, depression, and PTSD symptoms, as well as in pain levels and cravings. They also reported improvements in happiness.

https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/27843054/ A review of 20 studies reported that EFT was highly effective in reducing the symptoms of depression. The findings suggested that EFT was equal to or better than other standard treatments for depression.