Astrology is more than your zodiac sign and horoscope. One of the most popular reasons an astrologer is called upon is for a birth chart, also known as a natal chart. Astrologers believe that the birth chart, including the sun, moon and all the planets describes many of the persons’ characteristics, circumstances and events that will occur in an individual’s lifetime, as well as the people and places we gravitate towards. A child’s birth chart can provide the parents with important information and insights into the child’s character, development and can assist in the parenting aspect.

Astrology is the study of the position of the planets, sun and moon at specific times and how they correlate with all manner of events collectively and individually. The interpretation of these placements is said to be a direct reflection of the happenings here on Earth, although they do not make things happen. By utilizing the information provided, there is an opportunity to gain insight on specific circumstances, events and opportunities. These details can then be used as a tool to enhance the decision making process.

Why would you want a session?

  • To know more about yourself and why you do what you do.
  • To gain insights into your life journey.
  • To understand why you are here, what is your purpose.
  • To understand your child, parenting assistance.
  • To make a decision about when to do something: launch a business, have an event.
  • To explore relationship possibilities and compatibilities.



Working with an astrologer will add another layer of assistance and guidance when making any sort of decision.

Just as you would ask a professional painter to work on your house, knowing that they would use their skills to provide the best job, an astrologer can give insight around specific times and when or if various choices would be beneficial or detrimental. Free will is also important to note here, as with any service, you have the option to follow the guidance or not.

Choosing an astrologer is a lot like seeking any other professional; ask for referrals, ask your friends who is a good astrologer, use your own intuition, check out the astrologer’s experience and education.

Astrology is an extensive body of information. There is a wealth of knowledge online if one wants to dive deeper into understanding how it works.

Astrology is not an exact science and it is not recommended to rely solely on the readings to make important life decisions. Astrology can be considered a wonderful tool to understand the self, the options available, and the potentialities around the choices we make.