Animal Communicator

Animal Communicator – Trained to tune in and connect energetically (telepathically), animal communicators are able to hear animals’ thoughts and converse with them. Creating the opportunity to understand the concerns, thoughts, and feelings of the animal. Including the animal’s emotional issues, health issues, and management issues (such as training, diet, and exercise), or the human emotional/health issues that are affecting the animal’s life. Communicators are the bridge between animals and humans and help to create clarity in the connections.

A communicator will be able to accurately understand what an animal is feeling and thinking, what the main issues are from their viewpoint, and be able to present something useful – whether it’s confirmation of what you may already know (which is valuable in itself), uncover new information you didn’t know before, provide clarity regarding the right direction to proceed with the problem, and be able to answer your questions to the best of their ability.

Animal Communicator Holistic New Hampshire


Animal Communicator

What a communicator does goes beyond the basic questions of what are your animal’s likes (that particular squeaky toy) and dislikes (when you leave without saying goodbye) and into deeper knowledge, like the reason behind the illness and behavior problems. People will call to find out why the horse is bucking or why the cat keeps peeing in the corner instead of their litter box. End of life and extreme pain can be reasons to schedule a session as well.


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