Melchizedek Method

Channeled by Alton Kamadon, the founder of the Kamadon Academy, Australia, from Ascended Master Thoth in 1997.

The Melchizedek Method is a complete and comprehensive healing system that draws on ancient healing wisdom. This transformative modality works with Ascended Masters, the Angelic Realms, the Egyptian Mystery School, Cosmic Consciousness, and multi-dimensional energies. You receive the Melchizedek Method through a series of mediations that directly connect you with 5th dimensional Ascended Master energies. Your vibrational frequency is raised on a cellular level, allowing you to hold more Light in your body. You are empowered to step into your Mastery, and access your Higher Self and I AM Presence. It provides healing on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, karmically, genetically and spiritually.

HolisticNH Melchizedek Method

Through the use of Flower of Life Holograms of Love, the Melchizedek Method heals and rejuvenates the body. It treats the elemental bodies, the meridians and chakras, the organs, the immune system, the muscular and skeletal systems, activates the pineal and pituitary glands, restructures the DNA, reestablishes your Divine Blueprint and more. Specific areas of need in the physical and etheric bodies are directly treated and cleansed. The Melchizedek Method of healing is limitless and powerful.


Melchizedek Method

The Melchizedek Method is received through a series of meditations which encode you with sacred geometry, activating your merkaba, connecting you to Lemurian and Egyptian Mystery School energies, and so much more. You are supported by the Ascended Masters in this work which allows you to absorb their infinite wisdom and high vibrational healing. This energetic connection creates the ability to bring Ascended Master healing and Light into the world, raising global consciousness and spiritually elevating humanity.

Many people are feeling drawn to the Melchizedek Method for they recognize this heart-calling. As we connect with this method, not only does it increase one’s Light quotient, but it also increases the Light vibration of Earth and raises Unity Consciousness of mankind.

Holistic New Hampshire

Kamadon Academy Mission:

“to help facilitate a global consciousness of love and light to raise the planets vibration in love unity.”