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Julia Barton

The seeds of Julia Barton’s life mission were planted when she earned her Reiki I certification at the age of eight. A born intuitive and empath, young Julia used Reiki to make herself feel safe and protected. Despite growing up in a holistic household, adulthood found her unsure of how to best use her gifts. That all changed when she started a family. Her isolating experience with postpartum depression cultivated a desire to support and nurture others. She became a Postpartum Doula and Reiki Master to offer love, warmth, and support to help new moms trust their intuition and find joy throughout their postpartum journey. Her desire to help women bloom into their fullest selves became a business, Olive & Bloom Holistic Care and Healing. Find support for you or someone you love at www.oliveandbloom.net.

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