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I have been a shamanic healer for almost a decade, with mentorship and training in both ancient Peruvian shamanism as well as The Way of the Seabhean, an ancient Irish path of Shamanic healing work. I have had a strong spiritual connection with all of nature since childhood. I feel this work is a homecoming after many years of ignoring my innate abilities in order to fit in with society (or so I thought). With my background as a pharmacist, I have brought shamanism into my life knowing that there was a more intuitive, purer way to heal. This led me to want to share this work with all that seek deep soul healing, and so I trained as an apprentice with 2 different teachers.

My medical background assists me with a deeper understanding of how shamanic healing work has such deep effects in the physical body as well as the soul. Shamans feel that all disease (dis-ease/unease) has energetic origins, triggered from trauma or experiences whether in this lifetime, ancestrally or from alternate existences. I work with people (and animals) of all ages and consider it an honor to be your guide on your healing journey. Together, we will track the patterns and limiting beliefs in your life that no longer serve you, whether they be ancestral or karmic. Shamanic healing work can involve cutting the ties/cords, extraction, soul retrieval, and more, bringing balance and harmony back to you, on a soul level and possibly a physical level. This often opens up new possibilities and destinies, as well as bringing forth all that you are- your authenticity and true self.

Northwood Shaman

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Northwood Shaman

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