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“Lisa Carlson’s Radiant Health Therapies” – Lisa Carlson, Massage Therapist, Energy Healing

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Lisa Carlson

“A Radiant Heart Touches Everyone”

Lisa has been a NH licensed massage therapist for 30 years with specialties in Neuromuscular Therapy and Compassionate Touch. She offers modalities; (bodywork, Reiki, Meditation, Stress reduction, years of life experience serving as a professional caregiver), as an integrated, highly specific, and personalized approach.

Each client is supported to feel empowered as their pain, discomfort, and stress is addressed.

Each business Lisa has worked with has benefited from her professional support. She has been invited to offer chair massage to several NH businesses, contributed towards the growth of two NH centers. Lisa has served as a participating founding business, invited to be on advisory board, head of compliance department, and contributor for alternative healthcare education for NH businesses, as well as, Nashua employee health fairs.

“My mission is to hold sacred space for each client while offering them professional, personalized, specific therapeutic bodywork and energy balancing. It is my belief that a radiant heart touches everyone.”

Lisa Carlson’s Radiant Health Therapies
Lisa Carlson’s Radiant Health Therapies
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