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“Seeing other people find food, movement, and body freedom lights me up, and it’s my life’s mission to help you make it happen. Stick with me and I’ll show you how.” 

 At Kelley Cady Pilates and Intuitive Eating you will be welcomed into a judgment-free, fun, natural living environment. Kelley’s passion is to encourage and challenge her clients to reach their goals in life, health, and movement through her innovative, whole body, anti-diet, behavioral approach to health and well-being. 

 Kelley teaches natural, pain-free movement and normal eating through the Pilates Method Of Movement and Intuitive Process For Eating. She helps people in ALL bodies move more and better so you can be more active, mobile, and more connected with your body, as well as get free of the shame and pain of chronic dieting  so you can redefine what health looks like for YOU!

She will help you break free from diet and fitness culture-driven rules, live free of food and body shame, and restore pain-free movement so you can live your most unapologetic, powerfully aligned life.

Through many years of training and coaching, Kelley realized how often our foundations are left out creating an endless cycle of human imbalance, pain, and feelings of failure. So, she founded Kelley Cady Pilates & Intuitive Eating and to bring the focus back to our human roots to get the body and mental balance you’re looking for, and it was a game-changer in her career. She was finally able to help change her client’s bodies and relationship with food from the ground up and see faster and better results.

When working with Kelley you’ll never be asked to step on a scale or be judged for your size, eating habits, or exercise behaviors. When you work with Kelley, the diet and no-pain-no-gain exercise starts… NEVER. There’s no need to have a “last supper” before scheduling your Initial Assessment, and you’ll never be judged or shamed for eating imperfectly or not exercising “enough” (because hey, there is no such thing as perfect eating or exercise). She believes to truly live a life with food and body freedom we need to get back to our roots and reclaim trust in our body signals we were born with to make the best behavior and lifestyle changes based on our wants and needs – instead of being influenced by external fads and trends. She is here to help you navigate the world bravely and with resilience. 

Kelley’s in-home Pilates & Intuitive Eating studio is rooted in Keene, NH and offers in-person, virtual, and hybrid services. 

Check out Kelley’s programs, workshops, and private sessions she offers to find out what works best for you on her website Or, contact her directly to get personalized guidance.

Call or text – (603) 803-3423


Kelley is dedicated to making Pilates and Intuitive Eating accessible to ALL bodies and serves people of all sizes, genders, and races.

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