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Kelli Robinson

Preserving the heart and soul of InJoy Organics and Herbal Energetics, Kelli Robinson is a master herbalist. As a student of the founder Carolyn Kelley (1941-2020), Kelli took the teachings to heart and when it was time to transition the ownership of the company, Kelli easily embraced the role. As Carolyn had, Kelli is supporting the philosophies of wellness, conscious awareness, and supportive natural remedies that have been trusted and relied upon for many years by people all over the world.

The original recipes, created by founder Carolyn, from sacred plants–flower, leaf, and root–will be respectfully carried on in their originality and purity. New formulations, utilizing the same methodology, are in the works.

Fourteen years ago Kelli was blessed with the beginnings of a beautiful family. Her partner Karen introduced Kelli to the “alternative” way of life – coaching, readings, healthier eating, and herbs. As the relationship grew, and children were born and Mom came on board, this family-run business has grown beyond their wildest expectations.

Kelli feels at home with the natural world, the herbs she works with on a daily basis, and the connections with like-minded people, her customers, and peers.

Herbal Energetics
Herbal Energetics
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