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“Heartsong Energy Healing” – Tanji Sampson, Energy Healer

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Tanji Sampson

“Love is the absence of Judgement”

After spending years in the corporate world, I was looking for a different way to live my life. I soon found myself drawn to the world of Alternative Healing. I 2009, I graduated from Snowlion Center School in New Mexico, where I earned a four-year certification in Integrative Energy Healing.

I believe that it is my purpose to help guide people on their path to healing. With integrity, love, and compassion I help them along on that journey. I feel that it is a privilege and honor to be able to witness that journey as they find their true essence and “Heartsong”. I provide a safe, open, and loving environment, which supports each individual’s personal work and process. When we have the opportunity to become our true essence, we open our hearts to love and life. I take this approach very seriously. My unique blends of healing modalities are deeply transformational on all levels of being. We will go on an amazing journey of healing your heart, raising your vibration, and connecting with who you really are.


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