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Healing ResonanceKristi Borst, Mind-Body Intuitive, Spiritual Healing & Soul Expansion

About Healing Resonance

Kristi Borst

Energy Healing, Inner Peace, Empowerment … Reconnection with Your Wellness, Joy, and Self-Mastery

Finding our Higher Self hiding places, myth-busting “stories”, inner-child healing and reconnection, repatterning obsolete “programming”, ancestral healing, and illuminating EXIT routes from long-held beLIEfs are my passion, purpose, and proficiency!

Your body’s intelligence has the innate ability to heal. Yet sometimes things go awry … the non-physical aspects of self, stuffed emotions, energy blocks, self-limiting beliefs can eventually manifest as dis-ease.

I can positively affect the physical body, calm the mind, and sooth the emotions … achieving healing and balance!

I am here to help you identify and release dis-ease and internal disconnect manifesting as mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical pain and disease.

Learn the language of Wellness and Joy for YOUR body. Reconnect with your Inner Purpose and True Soul Signature.

I connect and work with you through Higher Guidance, cellular memories, Akashic Records, ancestral patterns, self-limiting beLIEfs, stuck traumas, “stories”, etc. My “healing resonance” and voice are part of my tool bag, as are my multi-dimensional psychic abilities (clarcognizance, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience), ONEness with healing light and love, and my Universal empathic library card. All of this aids in empowering your physical, mental, and emotional healing and spiritual empowerment.

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