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Peg Donahue

Feng Shui Connections’ mission is to empower you to create a supportive environment while bringing out the best in yourself, and living an authentic, happy, healthy, and prosperous life.
My work is about empowering YOU to live an authentic life. I love to learn, teach, write and stay on top of what’s working and what’s not. Science is rapidly catching up to what many of us have known for years: that your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, actions, and reactions impact what happens in your life and that each one of us makes choices about this every day. I’m thrilled when my clients have a breakthrough and figure out how to consistently achieve desired results.

I provide a variety of services for individuals and businesses. My newest project is the publication of Money Is an Energy Game with Madeline Gerwick. It’s also the Gold winner of the 2020 COVR Visionary Awards for ebooks! This book is the result of years of collaboration and teaching about how to attract prosperity to oneself. In it, we provide over 100 tools and techniques for attracting more money and prosperity to yourself.

Feng Shui Connections

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Feng Shui Connections

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