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New England Integrative Medicine
Back In Motion


Business NameWebsiteCategories/Modality
Akira Stuckey, Hypnotherapyakirastuckey.comHypnotherapy
American Society of Dowsers, Thedowsers.orgDowsing
Angie D’Anjou Awakening Moments Center, Psychic, Medium
Arbonne & wellness: skin care, beauty, nutrition
Arete Chiropractic care
Back in Motion
Sound Healing | Holistic Chiropractic | Shamanic Healing
Bethel Farm Yoga and Living Arts and Wellness Retreat Center and Studio
CAYA Reiki & Healing Jewelry/Crystals/Readings
Center for the Healing Artscenterhealingarts.comIntegrative Medicine and IV Therapy
Clearent Processing
Clearly Balanced Days, LLCwww.clearlybalanceddays.comNH’s Trusted CBD Brand
Complementary Applied Nutrition, PLLCcanutritionnh.comFunctional Medicine
Complementary Healing for Everyone & Wellness
Concord Colonics And Wellness
Connections with Elena Card Readings, essential oils and Reiki
Dancing Heart Tachyon Healing
Drops To
Raindrop Technique bodywork and Unity Field Healing energy modality.
Elaine San Soucie Level 2, Spiritual Counsler, Reader
EMF Canary ServicesEMF/Geopathic Stress Assessment & Mitigation
Enlighten Health Care Cannabis Medicine
Frequencies for Health Distributor
Glenn and Heidi’s Healing Heart
Grace Wellness
Intuitive Healing, mediumship, health coaching, Reiki, sound bowl healing, physical therapy
Gretchen Moulton, LLC Magnetic Mind Coach
Health Freedom NH; Sunset EMF & Healingtrexlah.comHealth Rights/EMF Remediation
Heartsong Energy Healing
Sound and Vibration/Energy Healing/ Singing in the Rain
Her Botanical Soul LLC teas & herbal infused body care
Herbal Energeticsinjoynow.comHerbals, Gift Bags, Cocoa, Teas, Tinctures
IPAK-EDU Education
Juuva wellness, Water, colloidal Silver
Shamanism, Flower Essences, BioEnergetic Wellness
Lisa’s wire creations
intuitive hand wrap crystals in wire for you to wear. custom made items onsite pendants, earring ,rings, crystals
Lois Hermann & Associates, LLCloishermann.comSpirituality, Energy Clearing, Positive Empowerment
Energy Healing: Life Activation, Light Infusion, Cord Cutting, Tree of Life Balancing, and Chakra Balancing
Mind-Body-Soul Connection, LLC, the Healing
Molda wellness & chiropracticdrmolda.comFunctional wellness, chiropractic
Money Mastery with Pammoneymasterywithpam.comMoney
Moon Essence, LLCHome ~ Moon Essence, LLC
peristeam hydrotherapy, herbalism, acutonics sound healing, chinese nutritional therapy
Moonlight Healing Soul Connector
Multifaceted Shaman,
Shamanic drums, rattles, healing wands, wire wrapped crystals, andara crystals, raw stones and crystals, and whatever else spirit nudges me to create.
New body Wellness
Massage, Reiki Master, Personal Fitness Coach, featuring all-organic New Body Naturals Health Products: Body Deodorant, Youthful Moisturizer, Rosewater Toner, Coffee Scrub and Yoder’s Good Health Tonic
New England Integrative Medicine Medicine, Acupuncture
New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Doctors (NHAND)nhand.orgNaturopathic Medicine
NH For Save Technology Awareness and Safety
Nikoe Natural Therapies & Moonlight Healing Intuitive & Soul Expansion Facilitator
Nuttin Ordinary
Cultured dairy-free cheese spreads to delicious all natural ravioli, Nuttin Ordinary Made by Plant Kitchen TM,
Olive & Bloom Holistic Care and Healingoliveandbloom.netEnergy Healing and Postpartum Doula Care
One Light Holistic
Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki,
Optimism Plus, LLC/New Body
Akashic Records, Energy Healing, Massage, Shamanic Journeys
Orpheus Mind Technologies
Psychology, mind, subconscious, emotional well-being, hypnosis, trauma release
PeaceWorks NH
Healing Arts: Reiki, Spiritual Guidance, Grief Support, Expressive Arts at Avlaon Healing Arts Barn Studio and Sanctuary
Prime ATC cannabis
Radiant Soul, The Tuning/Reiki/Full Spectrum Healing
Re-Gain Health & Balance HealthCare
Redox Signaling Molecules for Cellular Health
Redox signaling molecules help with cellular healing, anti-aging, and athletic performance.
Reflexology Association of New Hampshirereflexologyassociationnh.orgReflexology
Renascence Massage & Bodywork, LLC Massage
Restore for Life Natural Health Health
Restoring Eden
Rishika Rose Healer, Candles, Crystals, Jewelry & More
Sacredly Sustained
Embodiment Coach, Author, Creatrix, Yin Lounge, UPLEVEL Self Healing Workbook: Rewiring Limiting Beliefs Throughout the BodyMind
Sea Glass Yoga & Wellnessseaglassyoga.comHerbal Teas & Hydrosols, Yoga & Meditation
Shae Goodell Therapist I Coach I Mentor I Educator
Aura Photography $50 (full-color report), Herbal Tinctures & Salves
Asstd. other fabulous things: Compassion Code books, PEMF mats, etc….
Spiritual Wellness Center,
spiritual wellness, shamanic healing, energy healing, psychic mediumship, intuitive guidance, teaching & mentoring, tarot, ceremonies & retreats
Metaphysical hand made items/ Glitter Tea and Hippie Honey
Stay Wild Moon Child, Clairaudient Medium
the wiZe owl Crystals
Time to Heal Us
Remote Energy Healer, QCOR sessions, TimeLine Healing
Akashic Dowser, Soul-Level Animal Communication, and Book Signings
Weston Price Foundation
Non-profit dedicated to nutrition and health. Wise Traditions Diet
Wundertracklakesregionchiro.comPosture Assessment


Workshops and Presentations

Merrimack Room
10:00-11:00 Inspiring Hope with A Path for Empowerment with Lois Hermann Booth 3
11:30-12:30 Integrative Medicine Can Change Your Life with Robban Sica, MD Booth 4
1:00-2:00Take a Shamanic Journey to Meet Your Guides with Steve Reinhart Optimism Plus, LLC Booth 19
2:30-3:30The Ancient Art of Pelvic Steaming, with Adrienne Irizarry, Moon Essence, LLC Booth 7
Concord Room 
10:00-10:40 Take Back Your Brain: The multi-therapeutic approach to reversing & prevent brain dysfunction with Dr. Chris Molda – Booth 60
11:00-11:40 Environmental Toxins and Our Brains with James Lyons-Weiler Booth 14
2:00-2:40 Take your esoteric hobby to the next level with William Gee – Booth 37
3:00-3:40 CBD Myth versus Fact with John Moro
Capital Room 
10:00-10:40“Not Sleeping? Anxious? Depressed? It could be the radiation from your wireless devices…” with Cece Doucette – Booth 11
11:00-11:40 Divine & Psychic Alignment with Alice Harwood – Booth 73
12:00-12:40How shamanism changed my life, how it can change yours, and why it’s important to answer the call now – Kara Hanks – Booth 8
1:00-1:40Dowsing Workshop Presentation Booth 72
2:00-2:40What is Music Therapy????? with Anthony Varga
3:00-3:40Intuitive Eating with Judy Cook – Booth 56

Descriptions of Workshops & Presentations

Inspiring Hope with A Path for Empowerment     Our world has been in crisis with a spiral of toxic energy that has consumed society. Many people are so ensconced in negativity they have given up hope, while others have refused to acknowledge the pain around them. What if we could be aware of our surroundings while maintaining a state of peace to help shift other people’s energy to be more positive? As you raise your vibrational state, you inspire others, and create patterns of hope, health, and happiness. Discover successful energy techniques to align the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your being to establish a state of balance. Experience an auric energy exercise to clear, boost, and protect your energy. Embrace a path for empowerment for yourself that inspires blessings of hope for your clients, your family, and all of humanity.   

Presenter Bio: Lois Hermann of Lois Hermann & Associates, LLC is a Transpersonal, Board-Certified Hypnotist, Certified Hypnosis Instructor, NLP Trainer, and Reiki Master Teacher with decades of experience in advanced hypnosis techniques. A multi-registered medical professional, Lois has extensive experience in corporate leadership, medical management, and education. She enjoys coaching via sessions, seminars, presentations and is the host of her Inspiring Hope radio show. A published author of award-winning inspirational books, Lois regularly shares insightful articles and blogs. She is passionate about empowering clients to release the pain of the past, embrace the gift of the present, and achieve their goals to create a path for empowerment. 603-553-6144,, 60 Main Street, Suite 320, Nashua, NH

Integrative Medicine Can Change Your Life It is clear that conventional medicine is about just treating symptoms, usually with a prescription that covers up symptoms. Integrative medicine is focused on finding the underlying imbalances that cause ill health, including difficult to diagnose or recognize problems, then correcting it to restore & optimize health. We employ state of the art diagnostic tests, lifestyle change, & natural, holistic therapies to improve health & reduce reliance on drugs. Integrative medicine has major advantages, especially when dealing with chronic or complex issues. Learn the basics underlying this approach so you can advocate for your own optimal health.   

Presenter Bio: Robban A. Sica, MD is a long time integrative healthcare expert and teacher and has served on the Board of Directors of several Integrative Medicine and Health Freedom organizations. Integrative medicine assesses and addresses underlying causes of disease, identifying & correcting spiritual, emotional, physical, and nutritional imbalances, which promotes restoration of optimal health. Center for the Healing Arts,  International College of Integrative Medicine | | Gilford NH | Grace Wellness Center 401 Gilford Ave – Building One Gilford, NH | 203-799-7733        

Take a Shamanic Journey to Meet Your Guides  Experience and enjoy a guided journey by entering a deep meditative state through rhythmic drumming and chanting, experiencing the ancient rituals of shamanic traditions. Descend the Ancient Grandmother Tree into your inner world. Meet your animal and spirit guides. Travel the River of Time to view past lives and events. Receive important messages and gain deep insights into your present life’s path, past lives and future possibilities. Reach your full potential.   

Presenter Bio: Steve Reinhart of Optimism Plus, LLC is an Akashic Records consultant, Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher, Reiki master Teacher, sound and crystal healer, hypnotherapist, motivational speaker, author and a spiritual and executive coach. He has been involved with energy healing since 1979, influenced by his extensive travels in the Far East. Stephen’s interactive workshops incorporate positive-thinking imagery, creative visualization and pure optimism. | Fitzwilliam, NH | 603-661-8664

 Basic Introduction to Dowsing Tapping into your Intuition. Learn how to develop your inner knowing to get answers to yes and no questions, to help navigate your future and make decisions. Come see what you have been missing. This is an interactive workshop where participants will have a hands on preview of dowsing tools.

Presenter Bio: Tick Gaudreau is a long time Dowser and member of ASD. He teaches at the Basic Dowsing School most every year. He has written two dowsing books, “Spirit Rescue: A Dowser’s Ghostly Encounters,” and “The Care and Treatment of Wild Energies.” Educated and practicing as an engineer, he incorporates as much real science into the field of dowsing as possible but does not discount the esoteric and spiritual dimensions. He is a member of the Mohawk and Hudson Dowsers. The American Society of Dowsers l

Take Back Your Brain: The multi-therapeutic approach to reversing & prevent brain dysfunction “The main goal of the talk is to share the main ways of understanding, preventing and treating brain dysfunction, including brain fog, dementia, as well as anxiety& depression. The 3 treatment areas of focus are amino acid therapy to balance the brain, cold laser therapy to heal, & detoxification process to remove the source of the problem.  The talk is meant to offer people the hope of natural solutions for problems the medical community only offers pills.  General audience geared, practitioners may also enjoy. Amino acid neurological type questionnaire, amino acid and cold laser therapy demonstration.

Presenter Bio: Molda Wellness & chiropractic DC, detoxification specialist certification, Health centers of the Future platinum practitioner  | | (207) 363 – 5656

Taking Your Esoteric Hobby to the Next Level     Do you want to take your esoteric hobby to the next level and turn it into a thriving business? This talk is designed to help you find the confidence to pursue your passion and turn it into a thriving business so you can do what you love while supporting yourself and your family at the same time.         This book will offer practical advice in a casual, informal format

Presenter Bio: William Gee – Vital Bioenergetics – Vital Bioenergetics is a Healing Cooperative offering Akashic Dowsing (Soul Record Research & Clearing), Biofield Attunement, Art & Graphic Design, Online Classes, and Workshops. | | (215) 582-3539

Divine & Psychic Alignment

Acknowledging, Adjusting, & Adapting Heart, Consciousness, Will & Body –How can we stay in a coherent place of balance and equilibrium, even as personal, familial, and societal foundations shift and crumble? Navigating change can be daunting or invigorating, depending on your perceptions and personal emotional baseline. Useful tools can help you build awareness & learn to recognize, process, and liberate denser frequencies. This allows space for higher, lighter vibrations, which carry you into a place of greater ease, alignment, and flow!

Presenter Bio: Alice Harwood, is the Executive Director of SPACE, Inc (a 501(c)3 nonprofit featuring spiritual, practical, artistic, creative education) in Chester, VT. Her life’s purpose is to empower others in becoming fully realized sovereign beings and her gift is to illuminate anything blocking Freedom & Transparency in that process. In 2012, she became a Certified HeartMath® Trainer. She has studied and worked with many energy healers, including Deena Zalkind Spear, Dr. Bradley Nelson, Alison David-Bird, Donna Eden & David Feinstein, among others.  A lifetime member of the American Society of Dowsers, Alice also served as president for their Living Waters Chapter for four years. She frequently presents at ASD’s Annual National Conference and is an engaging public speaker on a range of topics, such as HeartMath® and Stress Reduction; Dowsing, Kinesiology & Geomancy; Ascension Symptoms, and more.  She offers individual coaching and Q17 sessions/energy healing, both remotely and in person.

CBD Myth versus Fact Educating the public on CBD and demystifying misconceptions about this interesting molecule. Recently, the public has grown more interested in CBD and its potential therapeutic use; however, with the age of information comes increased access to misinformation as well. Join us for a talk to separate myth from fact with respect to CBD and its multifaceted history. We will examine the myth, the legend and the molecule. We will review what we know, and what we don’t know. Please join us for this fascinating journey.


Presenter Bio: John Moro PharmD, RPH, is the Vice President of The Herbal Path and a pharmacist. John supports empowering people through sharing knowledge around integrative wellness modalities. John brings a different background with experience in conventional pharmacotherapy. Throughout his career, John has demonstrated innovation and focused leadership in the community pharmacy space. John graduated from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and spent 8 ½ years in pharmacy leadership before joining the Herbal Path in 2021. John has held a variety of roles in pharmacy field management, including district leadership with responsibility for multiple retail pharmacy locations. With a pre-pharmacy background in exercise physiology, John has always been passionate about wellness and helping others live their healthiest possible lives. The Herbal Path Dover and Portsmouth | 603-740-8400,

 “Wireless Technology Risks and Safer Ways to Connect”.  Or, “Not Sleeping? Anxious? Depressed? It could be the radiation from your wireless devices…Did you know New Hampshire is the first government in the U.S. to conduct a formal investigation of wireless risks and issue a groundbreaking report of harm along with safer ways to use today’s technology?

They discovered peer-reviewed, published studies that link wireless radiation to our growing rates of insomnia, headaches, fatigue, anxiety, depression and more.  In the long-term, the U.S. National Toxicology Program has found cell phone radiation causes cancer and DNA damage.  It is also linked to our disappearing pollinators. This invisible radiation is constantly pulsed from all things wireless, unless we learn to use technology safely.  Please join us to discuss this timely issue with technology safety educator Cece Doucette.  She introduced similar legislation in Massachusetts and helped her schools become the first in the nation to begin safeguarding students and staff from wireless radiation. Cece will walk us through the issue, answer questions, and demonstrate radiation emissions from wireless technology.  You’ll walk away with simple strategies you and your loved ones can use TODAY to access technology much more safely.

What is Music Therapy?????         “This workshop will address the mysterious question often asked of music therapists, what is music therapy? Presenter Tony Varga will explain how music can be used as an effective therapeutic intervention for treating physical, intellectual, emotional and social challenges. Tony will also discuss examples of music therapy intervention types as they apply and relate to specific diagnoses and across life stages.

Presenter Bio: Anthony Varga -Meridian Music Therapy LLC “American Music Therapy Association The Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy” As a trained Neurologic Music Therapist, Tony will also explore the neurological basis for using music as a means of rehabilitation to assist with developing and recovering non-musical behaviors. Attendees will be provided with abbreviated interactive examples of basic music therapy and NMT interventions to experience the inherent authenticity of music and its role as a human characteristic that connects to activities of daily living. The last fifteen minutes of the presentation will be committed to an open question and answer session where attendees are invited to explore their curiosities about music therapy.  Milford, NH, (603) 305 – 3931 | |

The Ancient Art of Pelvic Steaming          The Ancient Art of Pelvic Steaming The goal of this workshop is to educate people about the practice of pelvic steaming and all of the areas it can benefit reproductive health. This discussion is for anyone, although the majority of the discussion are for people with female reproductive anatomy regardless of gender performance. It is designed as an educational session that will involve a presentation with an extensive Q&A after.

Presenter Bio: Adrienne Irizarry, PHc, Moon Essence, LLC Certified Peristeam Hydrotherapist, Acutonics sound healing practitioner, professional herbalist, Chinese nutritional therapist, member of the American Herbalist Guild (207) 200-4262,, 652 Central Ave Ste A, Dover, NH 03820 .

How shamanism changed my life, how it can change yours, and why it’s important to answer the call now     Educate people about walking a shamanic path, introduce them to the medicine wheel and inspire them to live in reciprocity with our Earth Mother. How the journey around the medicine wheel expands our intuition, heals our wounds – physical, emotional, mental – and open us to our spiritual identity. Steps to get started, and why it is so important to answer the call to shamanism now.                                                                           

Presenter Bio: Dr Kara Hanks – KH Evolution | Doctor of Natural Health, Shaman, RN, creator of BioEnergetic Technique IIPA certified, and certified in Functional Medicine, NRT, MFT, Essential oils, homeopathy | Rochester, NH | 603-312-8036 |

 Intuitive Eating This workshop’s goal is to give folks practical tools to make changes in their eating style. Tools to move them forward in making better choices towards greater personal health and wellness. The workshop is intended for all who are open to learning tools that can make a change in how they look at food. The workshop is done in a traditional speaker dominated presentation with room for questions and answers and always audience participation. I will offer recipes and handouts, and maybe a few snacks to taste

Presenter Bio: .Judy Cook, Light Life IN Certified Health Coach, Reiki Master, Occupational Therapist | Grace Wellness Center, Gilford NH 603-455-3985

Environmental Toxins and Our Brains – Due to industrialization and the explosion of man-made chemicals in our food, water, air, soil, and casual-use products, we are soused in environmental toxins that affect neurodevelopment and the functioning of our nervous systems. The science is clear: early exposure transforms developmental pathways. I will review the most important toxins which, in even small amounts,  pose a serious risk to our collective brain health in ways that interact with genetic risk and epigenetic factors.  Targeting these toxins with high-impact regulation is necessary.  I will review steps known to reduce our personal and collective exposure. I will make the case for regular, mild and safe chelation  and detoxification as a part of healthy lifestyle in our increasingly toxic world.

Presenter Bio: James Lyons-Weiler, PhD CEO, Institute for Pure & Applied Knowledge, Founder, IPAK-EDU LLC (