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Dr. Matthew Allen

Evolution Chiropractic offers intentional chiropractic care which allows individuals to integrate, heal, and evolve naturally.

Dr. Matthew Allen is a family Chiropractor certified in the Webster Technique and holds a certification as a Chiropractic Pediatric Practitioner. Evolution Chiropractic focuses care on soon-to-be moms, infants, children of all ages, and entire families. With a drive to deepen his knowledge, Dr. Matthew is currently enrolled in the process of obtaining advanced certification as a CERTIFIED SOT® PEDIATRIC PRACTITIONER (CSPP)

Evolution Chiropractic is mission-driven to educate as many families in the Monadnock Region on the benefits of utilizing Chiropractic as a health and wellness lifestyle strategy.

Working with mothers during the prenatal period to prepare their body for the birth process and therefore empowers them to make informed choices in regard to their ideal birth plan. The Webster Technique analyzes and corrects for imbalances in the pelvis and the surrounding ligaments, resulting in a more comfortable and aligned pregnancy.

Dr. Matthew has a passion for working with infants soon after birth to help ease any tension these little ones may be experiencing from the birth process allowing their Nervous Systems to find balance. Implementing specific chiropractic cranial work can help infants who are struggling to breastfeed or infants who are showing signs of distress due to any birth trauma. Through intentional pediatric chiropractic care, a child has the ability to thrive and evolve right from the start, naturally.

Dr. Matthew prides himself on being able to connect to individuals of all walks of life & enjoys working with young professions & weekend warriors.

Evolution Chiropractic

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Evolution Chiropractic

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