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Amanda McDonald

Amanda’s journey started with essential oils. As a skeptic of all things “woo-woo”, she was surprised that they literally changed her life. As she grew in knowledge, she decided to get certified in the Aroma Freedom Technique. This is a very gentle, yet powerful process that uses the connection to your limbic system to release blockages and past traumas. She started renting space in that capacity at a holistic co-op in CT, where she was exposed to (in her eyes) a whole new world.

She has worked with practitioners of many modalities to help clients heal. She spent many hours in the crystal shop there, soaking up knowledge. When she decided to relocate to NH, she specifically looked for a house where she could open a shop. She has stocked her store with items to help people on their path. Outside store hours she offers healings and workshops of many types. Her goal is to help everyone that comes through her doors to be their very best self.

Earth Magic Shoppe

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Earth Magic Shoppe

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