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Harlyene Goss

Harlyene Goss is the founder of Dancing Heart Healing, located in Wakefield, NH. Dancing Heart Healing, located joins two healing modalities, Celebrating Life Bookmarks and Dancing Heart Tachyon Chamber. Twenty-five years ago, Harlyene started Celebrating Life Bookmarks selling to the newspapers. At that time, Harlyene suffered multiple chemical sensitivities that made her leave her regular job doing hospital lab work.

Having discovered energy healing, over the next few years, wandering through many healing modalities, Harlyene cured herself of the allergies. She realized that working with energy shifted one’s life. Even though the newspaper industry changed, she still was doing the bookmarks. Added to each bookmark is the energy of bringing solace and healing.

Recently, Harlyene woke up with the message she needed to bring a Tachyon chamber to northern New England even though she had yet to experience it. After having three Tachyon sessions, she found out that she had both emotional and physical healings. Still, on the fence, Harlyene had friends go experience the Tachyon Chamber in Massachusetts. Each experience was different but each felt that something in their body/being had shifted. There is now a Tachyon chamber in Wakefield, NH.

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