Collective Contributions

by | Oct 13, 2021

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Creating a new highway.

Whether you see yourself as a business owner providing a holistic service to your clients or an entrepreneur looking to shake up and expand the holistic world, the set of circumstances that resulted from the pandemic has brought many business owners a new set of challenges.

Pathway to Wellness

These challenges can be seen as obstacles or opportunities.  As many who view life from the spiritual side, contrast provides the shift for expansion.

From this writer’s point of view, that contrast has provided enough space for anyone looking to expand.

When looking up the traits of a business owner and entrepreneur, it’s interesting how similar they are.   Though they share many of the same traits, there are two that are most common among the various literature’s:  Future Focused and Flexibility.

To many, 2020 may have been about shutting down some old patterns on how your business is run. 2021, and beyond, is about creating new ideas, new beliefs, and new patterns on how to grow, run, maintain, and even expand your business. 

“As we look into the future, a wealth of potential world opens up in front of us.”, states an article from Accenture. “Many have formed new behaviors, including virtually connecting more often with family and friends and spending more time on self-care and mental well-being. In societies where mindfulness was less culturally ingrained, it’s become part of daily life for many. Use of meditation apps surged during the pandemic – the app Calm now even has a premium membership tier included on American Express cards.  Meanwhile, spirituality has been fueled by a growing array of spiritual networks. In the US, personalized astrology app Co-Star raised US$5.2m in seed round funding. “

If you believe in learning from history, you will see that after a global crisis, such as this pandemic, a new era of thinking begins. 

The flexibility and forward thinking of you – yes YOU, each of you who are the holistic business adventurists of our times –  have the capability and opportunity to create how the next chapter of holistic health is to be seen, experienced, and expanded. 

By passionately applying your flexibility in your business to grow in new ways and your forward-thinking of working as a collaborative, HolisticNH has the opportunity and capability to be a highway on the map of the 21st century.

We are so happy to have you join us as we assist you in the expansion of your practice/business as you step out and claim the reins of the amazing new ways to help the world now, and far into the future.