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“Center Downe Health” – Dr. Kathryn Cranford & Dr. Brian Paterson

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Dr. Kathryn Cranford & Dr. Brian Paterson

Welcome to Centre Downe Health, our home-based, Holistic Family Medicine practice. Our intent is to meet you where you are in life, and see what changes might be made toward moving you in the direction of your health goals.

Dr. Kathryn Cranford practices as a family practitioner, seeing clients from newborn, pediatric, adolescent through adult, specializing in women’s health, anxiety and depression, pediatrics, nutrition, general and targeted supplementation with herbs and nutrients.

Dr. Brian Paterson practices as a specialist with clients who are struggling with structural issues and pain as a licensed acupuncturist and manual therapist. His work includes acupuncture and various targeted muscular release techniques to address pain and function.

Centre Downe Health LLC

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Centre Downe Health LLC

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