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Are you ready to dive into your soul’s healing?! I am honored to be your shamanic guide as we work through old patterns and soul contracts that no longer serve your highest self. In a shamanic healing session, I track and shamanic journey, working with your guides, totems, and allies, to release what is ready to go, such as the patterns and burdens you carry from traumas in this lifetime and/or past lives, as well as those that you carry in honor of your ancestors. There are many shamanic techniques that can be employed during a session, and each time together is unique to you and your healing journey. When one is able to release and heal the old patterns, burdens, traumas, scars, wounds, there is often room to bring in new energies and new destinies. An energetic shift takes place, and together we create a new “map” for you to proceed in your life. Contact me for details and pricing.


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