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Himavat Ishaya

I learned to close down my heart at an early age. Yet my heart wanted to be open no matter the movements of my mind. I had heartbreak, and I learned the hard way what happens when my heart was closed, let alone my closed mind. Yet I was moved by a desire from my deepest yearnings to heal my heartbreak and help the people in my world to learn how to heal their own heartbreak and how to keep their hearts open in a crazy, dysfunctional yet still wonderful and mysterious world.

I am one of a few hundred people who have worked with a modern-day saint from Penukonda, Andra Pradesh, India, and been taught what he called the Science of the Soul. Based on mantra meditation, sourced from ancient palm leaf manuscripts, these spiritual tools are designed to open and heal the heart at a quantum level. That is, they enliven and build the direct channels between the heart, the mind the soul., and pure consciousness.

This cutting-edge technology is not a belief system. I do believe we are all connected, and that we already have within us the light and power and love and wisdom that will help us all to heal ourselves and our world. I have rebuilt my relationship with my stress, my fears, my doubts, and my conflicts.

All I want is to teach you the powerful tools to help you regain your connection to that infinite loving truth that will give you the peace that comes from that divine loving source that your soul already knows.

Himavat Ishaya
Atma Jyoti Northern New England Peace Center
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