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Welcome to New Hampshire’s premiere resource of wellness care.

HolisticNH is committed to providing a platform that serves the general public and the holistic/alternative healing community that services New Hampshire and its surrounding areas.

We are focused on bringing to light and normalizing the idea of Alternative, Complementary and Holistic Wellness options.

We are on the leading edge of wellness; creating a vibrant community for the general public and its practitioners, allowing each person to take power over their own pathway to wellness.

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Pathways to Wellness

Pathways to Wellness

A printed regional directory of holistic and alternative practitioners and associated businesses that are distributed to key high-traffic locations.

7 regions

45,000 copies

1000s of locations

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We are creating great opportunities for networking, connecting, and collaborating throughout the state. Most importantly we are using all the marketing tools and avenues available to us to promote Holistic New Hampshire and your businesses. In addition, we offer an inclusive database, an expansive calendar of events, and a rich resource center. You are invited to join us today!

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Join us and be a part of the vibrant holistic community of NH and neighboring cities and towns.

The Buzz

“HolisticNH is a grassroots organization on a mission to bring everything from massage to yoga to reiki to dowsing and so much more to our fingertips! I am so excited to be a founding member of the organization and to have such a wonderful platform to share what I do with others!”

~Katie O’Connell, Founding Member, and Owner - Dragonfly Yoga and Retreats

“…it’s an opportunity for people to feel more like they are in the driver’s seat of their own healthcare on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level. All elements working together surely create stronger, healthier communities. I am proud to be a part of it.”

~Julie Humphreys, Founding Member, Owner and Lightworker, The Spiritual Wellness Center

“HolisticNH.org has the potential of igniting expansion towards wellness and connection for all of us; practitioners, professionals, clients, and the general public looking to understand and educate about the full options available in creating a wellness path that’s theirs to create. As a professional integrating allopathic medicine and complementary techniques, I am excited to have a resource to not only connect and collaborate with other professionals but also to steer my clients to a place of education and expanded health options.”

~Leslie Jose, Founding Member and Owner Peace of Mind Reiki & Massage, Professional Speaker

“The energy and enthusiasm behind this project is palpable and contagious! I have watched HolisticNH blossom from a seed of an idea into an emerging, purposeful community under Sonia’s passionate, skilled leadership. Practitioners and clients now have a beautiful, user-friendly home base to find each other, share information and create an inspired community!”

~Rachel Cohen, Energy Worker, Graphic Designer and Eldercare Professional

“Thank you. It certainly is nourishing to engage in like-minded conversations, and inspire one another. I see, honor, and love all you continue to do to engage with the community.”

~Dianne Chalifour, Owner Earth Harmony Wellness

“If there has ever been a time in history to know where you can go for natural approaches to health and healing, it’s clearly now. Holistic NH offers a database and regional catalogs spanning our beautiful state of NH so you can find exactly what you are looking for in one convenient place. From Herbalists to Aromatherapy, Naturopaths to Veterinarian services Holistic NH has made it easy for you to support local small businesses and help you tap into that innate power we all have to reach balance in our lives. Whether you are looking for help or looking to reach more customers, Holistic NH offers both the convenience of a one-stop shop and an affordable way to expand your business.”

~ Sara Woods Kender, Founding Member, and Owner Sacred Tree Herbals, Meredith NH

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